Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some FAQs which relate to both our products and our delivery service. If your question has not been answered here, then contact our team by email or phone.

Why should I purchase my firewood from your company?

We provide the very highest quality kiln dried hardwood and it is available at a competitive price. Currently, it is at the best market price for retail customers. We manage the entire process, from forest to fireplace, so we have full involvement with all of the quality control procedures and are, therefore, able to guarantee the product’s quality and provide an exceptional service at each stage.

What is the firewood’s moisture content level and will these fit my wood burner?

As logs are natural products, they will vary. Therefore, their moisture levels can be different, even after they are kiln dried. The external moisture content, however, will be 8-20%, while the internal levels of the logs will be 16-20%. Logs are EU standard 25cm in length and fit most woodboring appliances.

What occurs after I purchase my firewood from your company?

As soon as you have made your purchase transaction, you will receive two emails from us that confirm both your order and your transaction. If not, please check junk or spam folders.

Then, your order will be selected for dispatch. This usually happens on the same day – depending on the time of day that your order is received (the earlier the better).

You will then be contacted by the couriers. All our firewood pallets for residential use must be Booked in from couriers before the delivery delivery takes place.

During the delivery stage, before the delivery, you will get repeat call from local couriers.


How do I make a complaint?

First of all, we’re sorry that you are not happy with the service you have received from us. Please send us an email, giving details of your circumstances. One of our senior team members will then deal with your situation, generally on the same day that you have contacted us.


What delivery options do I have?

We provide a Standard economy kerbside delivery service across Ireland and 80% of our orders are delivered on day 3. The delivery costs are included in the selling price. For more details, visit our delivery page.


Can you deliver the firewood free of charge to anywhere in Ireland?

Yes. we are able to deliver your firewood free of charge to all Irish postcodes.


Do I need to be at home when the firewood is delivered?

Our contracted driver will, by default, put the firewood in a safe area that is as close to your door as possible. Our drivers are all instructed to deliver the firewood to the kerbside but they can, at their discretion, deliver to your own preferred location. Please leave short, clear comments during the checkout.

Please note that if no one is there at your property at the time of the delivery and there is no safe place to leave the pallet, we will return your firewood to our depot. This means you will need to arrange the re-delivery which will incur a €40 admin charge.

I wish to calculate the volume of logs from loose to stacked. How can I do that?

We use 3 measurement units for split firewood logs. These are Stacked m3, Bulk m3 and Solid m3. Stack and Bulk are the most commonly used in the UK and Ireland. You will need to multiply the crate’s internal volume when it is fully stacked by 1.72 to work out bulk or loose m3. However, there will be some variations between the external and internal measurements of the crates.


I am still not sure whether your company is the best one to buy my hardwood from…

We offer the best option for high-quality, lower-cost kiln dried hardwood. This is because the wood comes from our very own production site and it is always sourced responsibly. By wrapping all of the hardwood crates with cling film on all four sides, we ensure that our wood complies with the highest standards.

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